Dix Pecan Farms is a small family owned and operated business established in 2010 by Alex and Michelle Dix. We farm 225 acres (owned and leased) in Ben Hill and Irwin counties for sale to the wholesale market.

Our families have been successful farmers in our area for several generations—farming row crops, livestock, produce, and pecans. We both spent many hours of our childhood picking up pecans by hand in our family’s orchards.

    As a young adult, Alex continued to work with pecans for many years helping to plant orchards in Irwin, Ben Hill, Worth, Wilcox, Pulaski, and Berrien counties in the 1980s. In 2008, the farming bug bit again and he purchased a mature orchard in Irwin County that he had farmed 30 years before. 

    Alex also helped his dad, Bobby Dix, convert their row crop land in Irwin County to pecan orchards. He is very proud to now farm these orchards. Dix Pecan Farms has also been given an opportunity to begin farming the orchards in Ben Hill County that have been in Michelle’s family for many generations and were farmed by her grandfather, Marvin Dixon, when she was a child.

    We are both extremely proud of the legacy in farming that was created by our parents and grandparents. In our childhoods, pecans were just a small part of the farm. The main purpose for harvesting them was to pay the tax bills. With our ancestors’ vision of expanding their orchards through planting new trees, pecans have become a much more important part of the farm.

    We dream of continuing this legacy in our family for years to come. We currently have one of our four children farming with us. Adam loves farming pecans as much as we do. We hope many future generations will continue to farm our orchards.

    In 2021 we made the decision to expand into retail sales. Our desire is to put high-quality pecans into the hands of as many consumers as possible. We are hands on with every bag of pecans that we ship. We currently offer inshell pecans and will be expanding our product offerings in the near future.